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Red Ribbon Week
October 19 – 23
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Me!
You are invited to participate in a week of spirit to celebrate our choice to be healthy and drug free. Please remember to follow the school dress code.

Monday: Love Yourself and Love Others
Wear red to help kickoff Red Ribbon Week
*Did you know healthy relationships are important to our health? Show love for yourself and others! Do a secret act of kindness for someone today.

Tuesday: Let’s Get Moving For a Healthy Body
Wear your favorite sports shirt or jersey
*Did you know we need exercise and food to have a healthy body? Go screen free today and play outside instead!

Wednesday: We Are Too Smart To Do Drugs
Wear your favorite college shirt
*You know all the healthy and positive ways you can keep yourself healthy, let’s say NO to all those negative ways! Make a list of five positive things you are going to do everyday to be healthy.

Thursday: Our School Chooses To Be Drug Free!
Wear your school shirt or school colors
*Remember that RadKids know that they don’t have the right to hurt themselves, that if someone offers them drugs/alcohol/cigarettes that they should say “no” and tell a trusted adult. See if you can remember the three things that all RadKids know and recite it to your family!

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