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Application for Supporting Advanced Learners Towards Achievement (SALTA) testing will open again next fall for the 2020-2021 school year.

Canyons School District administration and teachers believe that gifted and talented and advanced students have unique cognitive, academic, creative, and social needs. Students have a right to varied programming which is appropriate to their cognitive and academic abilities, thus optimizing learning opportunities. Programming must strive to offer a challenging learning environment that focuses on high achievement and is responsive to individual student needs. Canyons School District supports the use of research and evidence-based learning strategies, which provide a strong correlation between delivery of instruction and student learning outcomes.   With these values at the forefront, Canyons School District continues to develop a continuum of SALTA services ranging from district-wide programs, school-specific services, and magnet schools.

SALTA Goals:

  • Meet the needs of “gifted and talented” and advanced students.
  • Offer advanced learning opportunities at every school and grade-level, including Honors Courses.
  • Provide opportunities for students to focus on application of materials being learned, depth and complexity of those materials, and provide students with extended learning opportunities using the grade level Utah Core State Standards as the foundation.
  • Ensure that ALL students succeed in higher-level courses in order to be college and career ready
Visit Canyons’ Instructional Supports Department’s website for more information about SALTA.
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