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Margaret Swanicke – Principal
Brittaney Larsen – Teacher
Kim Metcalf – Teacher

Sarah Carlson
Meghan Gardner
Kat Holt
Marc Hone
Jessica Petersen

Agenda Items

  • Approve November Minutes
  • Screen Time by Grade Level Response
  • Winter CBM Data
  • Begin writing our TSSP and LAND Trust Plan for 2020 – including PD needs
  • December/January Safety Drill Reports
  • January Budgets
    • Cell Tower (propose we allocate funds towards Living Leader) 20,800
    • Land Trust 51,100
    • TSSP 16,500
  • Input from the Community if present
  • Adjourn

Upcoming Meetings for the 2020-2021

March  3rd
May 12th

Upcoming Projects

Land Trust – April 13th
TSSP – April 13th
Safety Plan Due in May

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