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Margaret Swanicke – Principal
Brittaney Larsen – Teacher
Kim Metcalf – Teacher

Sarah Carlson
Meghan Gardner
Kat Holt
Marc Hone
Jessica Petersen

Agenda Items

1. Fall CBM data
2. Review Last Year’s Plans (Goals and Money Spent)
3.  Digital Citizenship and School Safety Report/Discussion
4.  Living Leader
5.  October Safety Drill Report
6.  October Budgets

    1. Cell Tower
    2. Land Trust
    3. TSSP

7.  Bus Request – 12243 Draper Gate Dr, Draper – Follow Up
8.  Input from the Community if present
9.  Adjourn

Upcoming Meetings for the 2020-2021

Nov. 18th
Jan.  20th
March  3rd
May 12th

Upcoming Projects

Safety Plan Due in May

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